We offer fee-based investment services with an emphasis on quality and diversification strategies. You will NEVER pay a commission to invest when you have an account with us. However, please remember that diversification does not ensure a profit or guarantee against a loss. Our approach to wealth management is based on applying modern portfolio theory and Biblical principles for saving and investing to help clients work toward future goals. Additionally, our due diligence process allows us to foster and maintain relationships with highly qualified institutional third party managers that can add considerable depth and breadth to our investment process.

Additionally, we may suggest utilizing alternative investment strategies for qualified accredited clients based on their specific financial situation. 

As your financial advisor, we will help you design a diversified portfolio that is individually tailored to your values, risk tolerance, needs, and objectives to help you pursue your financial goals in a manner consistent with your most important values and beliefs.

Investment Advisory services offered through Proverbi Capital Advisors, LLC, an Investment Advisor in the State of Florida